Philosophy Seminar:
The Mind-Body Problem

Fall 1995   

Professor: JeeLoo Liu

Department of Philosophy

State University of New York at Geneseo

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The following handouts are for student use only. No quotation is permitted. (Feedback Welcomed)

Course description

Introduction: The Mind-Body Problem

Jerry Fodor: The Mind-Body Problem

Shoemaker: The Mind-Body Problem

Paul Churchland & Patricia Churchland: Intertheoretic Reduction

Fred Dretske: Mind and Brain

Joseph Owens: Psychological Externalism

Stephen Stich: What is a Theory of Mental Representation?

Colin McGinn: Can We Solve the Mind-Body Problem?

Jaegwon Kim: The Myth of Nonreductive Materialism

LePore & Loewer: Mind Matters

John Searle: What's Wrong with the Philosophy of Mind?

Donald Davidson: Thinking Causes

Jaegwon Kim: Can Supervenience and 'Non-Strict Laws' Save Anomalous Monism?

McLaughlin: On Davidson's Response to the Charge of Epiphenomenalism

Ernest Sosa: Davidson's Thinking Causes

Robert Audi: Mental Causation

Fred Dretske: Mental Events as Structuring Causes of Behavior

Tyler Burge: Mind-Body Causation and Explanatory Practice

Jennifer Hornsby: Agency and Causal Explanation