Philosophy Seminar:
The Nature of Consciousness

Fall 1998   

Professor: JeeLoo Liu

Department of Philosophy

State University of New York at Geneseo

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The following handouts are for student use only. No quotation is permitted. (Feedback welcomed)

Chalmers: Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness

Armstrong: What Is Consciousness?

Güzeldere: Is Consciousness the Perception of What Passes in One's Own Mind?

Rosenthal: A Theory of Consciousness

Lycan: Consciousness as Internal Monitoring

Dretske: Conscious Experience

Block: On A Confusion about a Function of Consciousness

Dennett & Kinsbourne: Time and the Observer

Patricia Churchland: Can Neurobiology Teach Us Anything about Consciousness?

Crick & Koch: Towards a Neurobiological Theory of Consciousness

Farah: Visual perception and Visual Awareness after Brain Damage: A Tutorial Overview

Kripke: The Identity Thesis

Searle: Reductionism and the Irreducibility of Consciousness

Nagel: What Is It Like to Be a Bat?

Jackson: What Mary Didn't Know

Lewis: What Experience Teaches

Shoemaker: The Inverted Spectrum

Dennett: Quining Qualia

McGinn: Can We Solve the Mind-Body Problem?

Levine: On Leaving Out What It's Like

Rey: A Question about Consciousness

Goldman: Consciousness, Folk Psychology and Cognitive Science