Phil 420: Metaphysics

Fall 2006    


Professor: JeeLoo Liu

Department of Philosophy

California State University at Fullerton

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The following handouts are for student use only. No quotation is permitted. (Feedback welcomed)

Bertrand Russell: The World of Universals

David Armstrong: Universals as Attributes

David Armstrong: Properties I & II

D. H. Mellor: Properties and Predicates

E. J. Lowe: The Four-Category Ontology (Chapters 1, 2 & 6)

David Lewis: Causation (powerpoint)

David Lewis: Causation As Influence (powerpoint)

(1) Jonathan Schaffer: Trumping Preemption & (2) John Collins: Preemptive Prevention (powerpoint)

(1) David Lewis: Void and Object & (2) Helen Beebee: Causing and Nothingness (powerpoint)

Sidney Shoemaker: (1) Causality and Properties (2) Causal and Metaphysical Necessity