Phil 317: Philosophy of Mind

Fall 2001                                                                                                        


Class meeting time: T R  2:00pm-3:15pm                          Instructor: JeeLoo Liu

Class location: Welles 132                                                    Office hours: M W 10am– 12pm

E-mail:                                                                            or by appointment

Telephone: 245-5231 (O)                                                      Office: Welles 103


Texts:   1. Jaegwon Kim, Philosophy of Mind [Westview Press]

             2. David Rosenthal (ed.), The Nature of Mind [Oxford University Press]

             3. Heil & Mele (eds.), Mental Causation [Oxford University Press]




These handouts are prepared for students in my class only.  No citation is permitted.  Feedback welcome.



What Is the Philosophy of Mind? (Read Kim, Chap. 1)


Behaviorism   (Read Kim, Chap. 2)


Hilary Putnam: Brains and Behavior                                


The Mind-Brain Identity Theory (Read Kim, Chap. 3)  


J. J. C. Smart: Sensations and Brain Processes               


Donald Davidson: Mental Events                                      


Mind As A Computer: Functionalism (Read Kim, Chap. 4)


Hilary Putnam: The Nature of Mental States                   


Ned Block: Troubles with Functionalism                          


Mind As A Causal Structure: Causal-Theoretical Functionalism (Read Kim, Chap. 5)         


Reductive and Nonreductive Physicalism (Read Kim, Chap. 9)


Frank Jackson: What Mary Didn't Know                        


Thomas Nagel: What Is It Like to Be a Bat?                    


Sidney Shoemaker: Functionalism and Qualia


Mental Causation (Read Kim, Chap. 6)


Jaegwon Kim: Epiphenomenal and Supervenient Causation    


Donald Davidson: Thinking Causes         


Jaegwon Kim: Can Supervenience and 'Non-Strict Laws' Save Anomalous Monism?                       


Tyler Burge: Mind-Body Causation and Explanatory Practice


Fred Dretske: Mental Events as Structuring Causes of Behavior


Jennifer Hornsby: Agency and Causal Explanation       


Robert Van Gulick: Who's In Charge Here?